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Hat Trick LAB FAQs

Everything you need to know


  • The first week of September.

  • Yes, there will be selection days in London on the 19th or 20th JULY.

  • The team will be four people.

  • Development Researcher.

  • For unscripted content (comedy entertainment, documentary, reality formats etc.), the majority of idea origination will be done internally within the team and these concepts will be worked up from concepts to finished pitch decks. When developing scripted content, the process will involve building relationships with writers and working closely with them, including the commission of treatments and early-stage script editing, to determine if they have projects which could be added to the Hat Trick slate.

    The Lab will also look at developing content across new genres and mediums – with particular focus on developing content specifically targeted at points of intersection between TV, games, film, and audio, as well as exploring new technologies such as VR, AR, and AI.

    In all cases of development, we take projects from an early concept stage, whether in the form of an idea or a piece of writing, and we figure out how best to position the project onscreen. This will involve shaping the tone and structure, thinking about the cast, finding the most appropriate distribution platform, and then building a polished package of pitch materials that can be sent to commissioners. This is a fast-moving, intensive process that requires both big-picture thinking as well as attention to detail.

  • For non-scripted ideas and early-stage concepts, yes we are actively looking for you to generate ideas. The focus for the development of scripted concepts will be with 3rd party writers.

    We would like to stress that the Lab team is focused on the development and producing of content so it will NOT be an opportunity for you to develop your own screen writing or performer ambitions.

  • Over each two-week period, the Lab team will build a slate of multiple projects across a range of genres and mediums. The team will develop non-scripted shows internally and will work with external writers on scripted content. The team will also have the freedom to work with games developers, podcast producers, theatre producers etc., as well as specialists in AI, VR & VP, to build up a slate of innovative, cross-medium content that takes advantage of emerging technologies.

    At the end of each two-week period, the Lab team will pitch its slate to execs from teams across the Hat Trick group of companies (Hat Trick Productions, HTM, Livewire Productions and Plum Pictures) who will provide further guidance on concepts and also provide routes for the projects to be pitched to commissioners.

  • Yes, the Lab will pitch ideas every two weeks to a broad selection of execs from teams across the Hat Trick Group.

  • We do not have one single ideal candidate because across the team we are looking for a mix of skills, backgrounds and experience. But everyone who applies should have a desire to produce digital content of all forms and want to work with writers, digital creatives, and other development producers to bring innovative ideas to life.

    What is essential is to have a passion for content across many mediums (screen, theatre, games, audio etc.) as well as an interest in emerging technologies (virtual reality, augmented reality, artificial intelligence, virtual production etc.). You should also be able to balance a combination of big-picture thinking and attention to detail.

    To achieve this mix we are particularly looking for people who have a specialism in one or more of the following:

    • Literature / writing / script-editing – fascinated by stories – could have a background in publishing or journalism.
    • Tech / digital content – fascinated by innovation with technical skills (photoshop, AI, editing etc.) and an awareness of digital platforms – could have a background in coding or working with generative AI.
    • Formats – fascinated by TV format ideas and the cultural zeitgeist.


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