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Where are the deaf & disabled talent?


A ScreenSkills workforce report published this year revealed that nearly 60% of unscripted productions struggle to recruit a diverse team due to not receiving applications from underrepresented groups. Why might that be?

You may be discouraging disabled talent from getting in touch through your job adverts.

Our Disability Lead, Eli Beaton, has three tips to get you started on making your adverts more inclusive.


Although we rarely use application forms in this industry, it doesn’t mean that some individuals won’t benefit from alternative ways to apply for your role. Could they provide a video application instead of a covering letter? State on your advert that you accept alternative formats and have clear contact details for disabled talent to ask any questions they might have about the role or how they can apply.

If you are looking for disabled talent to join your team - say so. Often disabled people don’t consider themselves as being encompassed in the description of individuals from a diverse background. You’re welcome to pinch this as an example:

We actively encourage applications from individuals from diverse and under-represented backgrounds, including deaf and disabled people. To make sure we are inclusive and accessible to all, please let us know if you require any reasonable adjustments or assistance either to help you with your application or whilst working with us.


I’ve seen job adverts seeking producers who are self-described “Duracell bunnies” and with “Whizz bang personalities” . As someone who experiences fatigue as part of their disability - I wouldn’t apply to roles like this as I get the impression I'm not who they are looking for. Are these descriptions entirely necessary or failing with disabled talent at the first hurdle?

This may also be the case for certain duties and responsibilities, with driving licences being a common requirement. When putting an advert together it’s worth considering whether this is truly required - if it isn't - leave it out.

What is your working culture? Through experience, we find that companies with a clear mission statement and working culture attract a more diverse range of talent who feel like they have a place within your team.


We get it, crewing up happens fast. But if you’re relying on the same Facebook groups and TV job sites then don’t be surprised if you aren’t seeing any new diversity in your applications. There are sites and groups such as Deaf & Disabled People in TV and The Neurodiverse Media Community where your role can be posted. We have a posting service for all of our former trainees, many who are disabled - so contact us.

Alternatively, host a networking event for disabled talent. This way you can connect with brilliant people, get to know their skills, so when that commission comes through you already know who to call. This also gives disabled people a chance to find out more about your company and ask any questions that may provide them confidence in joining you.

What next?

If you want to learn more about attracting disabled talent and making your productions more inclusive, you can sign up to ourScreenSkills course – or contact to discuss how we can work with your team.


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